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Client Testimonials

Permanent  Eyebrow Tattoo - Monica

Hey Margie,

I am LOVING my eyebrows ever since we darkened them. I had surgery on my right foot last week, I had a torn tendon, and now have permanent staples and screws in my foot- and have been on bed rest for a week- and will be for the next 3 weeks, as I cannot walk and am in a lot of pain. My mom has been bringing me all my meals and water. I am typing this from my dads laptop- thank god for laptops!

Through all this I keep thinking THANK GOD I got my eyebrows done before this. All I do is lay in bed with no makeup on......and without my permanent eyebrows, I’d REALLY be looking a frightful mess! These eyebrows have really changed my life, and I have no clue what I did without them!

Well I hope you have been doing great, and just wanted to say hello,

Take care,

Permanent eyebrows

Hi Marjorie,

Tex'd you too but not sure if went through. I wanted to let you know - my brows turned out wonderfully! Very pleased with the color and everything, healing well too -hardly any shedding/or color wiping off.

Thanks SO Much!

Permanent Makeup - Lani

Hi Margie,

I'm back from my Vietnam trip! It was fun and thankfully we did not get sick at all. I have to say, the permanent makeup you did for me was a true blessing!

It was so hot and humid over there that i have to wash or spray my face with water a lot of the times to feel fresh and cool. If I didn't have the permanent makeup, I'd be missing my eyebrows and eyes most of the times! Thank you, thank you so much for the durable, permanent eyebrows and eyeliners!!! My makeup would never have been able to endure or last in that hot, muggy climate!

I want everyone to know how wonderful it is and that it's so worth it that they should not even think about being cheap. Let me just add one more thing… That I literally thank god and you for the wonderful permanent makeup every morning and of course throughout the day of each day that I was in Vietnam.


permanent eye-brow - quote

When my daughter’s wedding make-up artist saw my orange eyebrows she said “if anyone can fix those eyebrows – it is Marjorie Grimm”.   I had been disappointed by three other so called permanent make-up professionals that I was leery of calling, but was encouraged after I read all about her on line.

Marjorie is very-very knowledgeable, straightforward and is very-very professional. Marjorie performs all work in clean and sterile environment. Marjorie followed every step of her eye-brow process found on her website.  What captured my respect of her is her humanist approach, her professionalism and knowledge.  I found Marjorie to be respectful and honest; she did not give me false expectations. Faces by design lives up to its name! Marjorie truly wants to make you look “GREAT”. 

In short, I love my eye-brows.  Yes, I have a slight shadow from the past bad work but it was not a surprise – Marjorie had said there would be a shadow but it’s not bad at all (you can barely see it). I loved Marjorie’s work so much that since then I have gone back for eye-liner work and permanent lip work. 

Take it from me….Don't waste your money like I did with other so call permanent cosmetic professionals. If you are thinking of permanent cosmetic work – check out Marjorie – In the long run you will save money because she will get it right the first time.  You will not regret it!


Permanent Cosmetics - Quote

I have had permanent makeup for over 20 years. When I had my eyebrows done the first time, I didn't know much about permanent makeup, and went to the first person that was recommended to me.  This resulted in eyebrows that faded to a pink color and weren't a very attractive shape. I then went to someone else who tried to do a color correction, but once again the brows faded to pink. Finally someone referred me to Marjorie Grimm. I have been with Marjorie for approximately 15 years now, and I will not go to anyone else.  What I found in Marjorie was the expertise of many years of expertise in the technical aspects of permanent makeup. Not only is she one of the foremost authorities in the technology of tattooing, but she is also a makeup artist, so in her you find the best of both worlds. She will make sure that you get colors that perfectly match your skin tones and won't fade to odd colors, and she knows how to draw the perfect shaped eyebrow or eyeliner for your face. She also does my eyeliner, and is the only one that can do it really thick the way I like it.

I have always found her to be highly ethical, her prices are very fair, and she's just an all-around great lady!


Permanent Makeup - Jessica

Dear Margie,

Thank you so much for the fabulous work you did on my eyeliner.  I am so pleased with the results!  As a mom, I have very little time for myself.  Before the permanent make-up, I felt like I looked washed out because I often did not have time to put on my make-up.  Now, I love waking up and knowing that I look great.  I feel confident and beautiful.  I was so impressed by the consultation and time you took to explain the process.  I appreciated that you made me feel comfortable during the procedure.  And I especially appreciated how you checked on me often following the procedure.  I would not hesitate to recommend you.  Thank you again!


Permanent eyebrows - Michelle

Dear Marjorie,

Thank you so much for everything!  I so love my eyebrows.  They have opened up doors for me - your work is awesome.  Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Permenent Makeup - Lynne

Dear Margie,

I want you to know that I think of you everyday (especially when I put my makeup on!!) and want to send you blessings for a wonderful holiday season and a very Happy New Year!!! Hope you are doing well. Will probably see you sometimes in ’06 for a touch up...until then....take care!!!

With love,

Cosmetic Tatoo - Vitiligo - Murali

I am aged 28 yrs as of 21st December 2010, approached Marjorie Grimm a couple of months ago to see if cosmetic tattooing can help me with Vitiligo around my mouth that has no cure throughout the world.

She did an amazing job, quite passionately, sincerely, and skillfully that I am pretty happy about it and do not look to search for another treatment.

I wish her a happy time ahead and like for many people to acquire her knowledge and skills on cosmetic makeup.


Permanent eyebrow - quote

Hello Margie,

Everything is great with my eyebrows, total satisfaction. When can you ever stay that? But it is true, still no fading that I can tell. 


permanent makeup - Christine


I am pretty much back to normal although the whole heeling process has not done yet. I am so happy to look at myself in the mirror everyday.

I would like to thank you for your excellent job, and I will let everyone know your professional skill whenever I have chance.

Keep in touch,

Permanent Cosmetic Tatoo - Quote

Hi Margie,

Thought I would contact you and let you know that the brows you designed for me back in April (?) 2005 were the best investment I’ve ever made. I say investment because I no longer have to spend time or money on my brows. I’ve gained 2-15 minutes each morning and loss all that frustration of drawing my brows and embarrassment when they would disappear during a dip in the pool, when pulling a sweater over my head, during a message or just bad weather!  You were very patient with me during the design phase and I thoroughly enjoy the results.

Again, thanks for the “gift” of a less-stressed life.

J.F .

Eyebrow tatoo - Lynn

Dear Margie,

I will never be able to thank you enough for giving me beautiful eyebrows!!! You “could” possibly know how much it means to me. And, the eyelash enhancement too!! I will want to see you sometime later this year or beginning of next year for a touch up. Then, I’m moving back west, to the DFW area, you may remember. You said you knew someone there you could refer me to. Yippee!!


Permanent Lipstick - Eyebrows - Paula

Dear Margie:

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for, how can I say this,... making me feel pretty. I love my lips and eyebrows !!! I have gotten so many compliments on how good I look - I can’t tell you how long it has been since I’ve felt this way. I’m not a person that spent much time on my “looks” but have felt the “effects” of turning 50 this year. The increase in my self esteem has prompted me to lose weight and shop for new clothes. I don’t think my husband understands what has happened, but I think he is reaping the benefits of me feeling so much better about myself - I know that I certainly am!!

I am leaving for the Bahamas on the 27th and plan to have a great time. I’ll be back as we scheduled on June 12th and look forward to seeing you. This has truly been the best thing I’ve ever done -

Your expertise, skill, and most of all, caring has changed my life!! Thanks for everything -


Permanent Cosmetic Eyebrows - Laurie


In my late teens and early 20’s pencil thin brows were “in”.  Over plucking and shaving (yikes!) left me with barely any brow at all.  For the past 10+ years I drew my eyebrows.  Everyday was a chore to make them look normal and hopefully even.  Since having my brows tattooed my morning routine is cut in half.  Most days I take a shower, put on lipstick and out the door I go. What a nice change!!  Having my eyebrows done was one of the best things I’ve done for myself!!  Margie is an artist!!


Permanent Eyeliner tatoo - Nancy

Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for the “eyeliner re-do.” How to match an “Old Tattoo” and make me “even”, side to side again - You are awesome!!! Thank you for your kindness and your artistry and your help!

Best Always

Permanent Cosmetics - Quote


I am doing great. The expected swelling and discomfort is no problem! Thank you so very much. You are a true artist. I greatly appreciate your kindness and patience with my eye anxiety. I am very happy and could not have done it without your gentle nature and calm reassurance. I am sure I will heal quickly. I will call you next week with a patient status report and to schedule our follow-up. Best wishes. Thank you! Thank you! 


permanent eyebrows - suzanne

Dear Marjorie,

Thanks to you I’m going to Africa with beautiful eyebrows. You were so professional and caring while doing my permanent cosmetics. Truly, thank you for everything!!


Permanent eyebrows Michelle

Going to see Marjorie was the best thing I have ever done! I cannot tell you how much it has changed my life! I used to spend 30-45 min doing my eyebrows every day, then spending the day worrying about them getting rubbed off by swimming, sleeping, etc. To be able to do those things now with no worries is so great! It has made my life so much more enjoyable and my husband's too! I was very nervous at first to go through with it, I thought oh no if they don’t come out right what am I going to do? I was so particular about them before! I am so glad I did it though they turned out perfect! Marjorie is amazing at what she does! She made me feel so comfortable and guided me through the whole process. The outcome was better than I had thought it would be! Thank you so much for changing my life my only regret is that I didn’t do it years ago!


permanent makeup tatoo - quote

Dear Marjorie,

It was a blast visiting with you yesterday! Gosh, I have just the darkened color but no pain or swelling--it went great. Thank you and your daughter for the kind compliments; you are a very lovely lady and so full of life! 

Thanks so much for the pictures--it was fun to view the different stages and see the final results. As time goes by, I know I will enjoy them even more! No limits to going out or anything; it is just great--I love the freedom and completeness they add to my face. At this age, it’s a definite advantage to have a little help in the cosmetic area. In about a week, I’ll visit Dr. Oyedeleand share my experience! :o) 

With a new job possibility on the horizon and beau-in-waiting, I am reminded of life’s blessings and feel ready to embrace them. This added bit of confidence and time-saver is truly a gift.

Thanks again for everything!

Warm regards, 

Permanent Eyebrows - Alopecia Condition

This letter is a testimonial to the expertise and professionalism of Margie Grimm. 

I came to Marjorie about 5 months ago. I have Alopecia, a disease in which you loose your hair. I have slightly less than 40% of my hair. Physically it doesn’t threaten your life, but personally it can leave you with a diminished self confidence and self esteem. 

It’s a condition that over the past four years I’ve learned to live with. I wear a wig and I still had my eyebrows. 

But in spring on 2003, I began to loose my eyebrows also. This was a real blow, especially to my self esteem, because I really felt changed the entire feature of my face. It made me self conscious all over again about wearing the wig also. What was even worse for me was that I couldn’t draw a decent brow in. And even when I did draw them in, it made me feel fake and very unattractive. I had a hard time looking in the mirror. 

When I came to Marjorie, her expertise and professionalism made me feel at ease about my condition immediately. I was really amazed at the beautiful brows that she designed for my face, especially because she drew these in free handed! The brows that Marjorie drew and eventually tattooed were better looking and more perfectly proportioned to my eyes and face than myself or my friends imagined. We were all in agreement that my new brows looked better than the real brows I once had. They were a definite improvement to my facial features! I was very excited and happy at my outcome!

These brows made my face look beautiful again to me. I could look in the mirror and feel good about my appearance and smile at myself once again. It really helped restore allot of the self esteem and confidence that I had lost when I lost my hair. 

I would recommend cosmetic tattooing for any Alopecia patient who’s lost their brows. And for anyone who just wants to have their brows look great. And no doubt in my mind, Marjorie is simply the best specialist to do it for you!


Permanent Cosmetic Eyebrows - Mitzi

Wow! Thank you so much for the “brows” They seem to be healing OK, the left one is healing slower than the right, but other then that it’s healing nicely. We will see you in a couple weeks. Thanks again for the great job!


Permanent Eyebrow Tatoo - Sarah

Dear Marjorie,

My noticeably asymmetrical brows wasn’t something that I was born with, in fact, the result of a grade school injury didn’t even begin to show until about 7 years ago. Then, about 5 years ago, it became so obvious; I began the fruitless & never ending task of trying to make them look even. Eventually, “Do they look OK?” became, “Are they there? Are they believable? Will I go with the waxy penciled look or the powdery look today?”, etc.

I had considered permanent makeup, but a difference in the depth, as well as length & placement of my brows, plastic surgery ($$$) seemed to be the only answer...I couldn’t afford it, so I tried (and failed) every day (for at least 45 minutes) to make them look even, until I was either too tired to continue or I was running late.

I’d schedule everything so that on my days off I wouldn’t have to go anywhere (meaning: I wouldn’t have to do my brows).

When I finally decided to get permanent brows, I had a horrible feeling of desperation, a limited choice in makeup professionals, and just enough money to do some serious damage. 

I had absolutely no knowledge of what a client should expect from a cosmetics professional. And, I wanted to get it over with. This is truly a recipe for disaster.

The odds that I would end up with someone as talented and as kind as yourself were clearly not in my favor.

When you first looked at my brows, you displayed an immediate interest in solving the problem. You spared both time and my feelings by not pointing out what I was doing wrong -I already knew I was doing everything wrong.  Your sincere patience & warmth throughout the entire process (starting with my very comprehensive consultation) allowed me to feel (for once) comfortable in a setting where I was trying to improving my appearance. This, along with your choice in color would have left me swimming in gratitude, but I got so much more than that.

I LOVE my brows. They look beautiful! They reflect your innate knowledge of ̴what goes where”.

I arrive places now looking & feeling normal, healthy & composed. I’m ready to focus on the task at hand, and am no longer mentally exhausted. The constant preoccupation with a need to “fix” my brows is gone. I’m free! I have no more back/shoulder/neck pains from leaning into the mirror. I have no more need for the special mirrors with special lighting, pencils, powders, templates, measuring devices, or multiple brow brushes that used to clutter my bathroom.

I’m not afraid to be looked at anymore. I’ve been getting lots of compliments, none of them indicating that my brows looked good, just people telling me I look great! I see them looking for what exactly has changed...no one has guessed that it’s my brows.

I feel like you gave me your best & it shows- in a very important place-my face!!!

Marjorie, I think of you every time I put on my makeup, and will always be grateful to you for these reasons, and more...


Permanent Eyebrow Tatoo - Quote

Hello Marjorie,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for my eyebrows.I am so very happy I had them done.My sister came from out of town and she could not believe the difference.Thanks for putting up with this nervous person!!


eyebrow tattoo makeup - quote


Thank you so much for the pictures. I love my eyebrows!My family and boyfriend like them a lot.They just think they were a little dark, but I told them that they would lighten in a few days. I woke up in the night and blotted them and this morning they looked good.I am very excited.I’ll see you in about a month.


Permanent eyeliner tattoo makeup - quote

Hello Margie,

The eyeliner is healing nicely.I’m quite happy with it.It defines my eyes in a very natural way.I want to thank you again for doing such a nice job of explaining everything.


Permanent Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoo

Since our first conversation on the telephone one year and half ago, I have felt nothing but completely comfortable with the quality of service I have received from you. You have always been honest with me with your advice and opinions, and it has been clear that you have always kept my best interest in mind. You have always answered my questions with patience, and without making me feel uncomfortable about being unsure. I would never seek service from another permanent makeup artist as long as you are providing service.

I had struggled with less than perfect eyebrows my whole life; they were always light colored, wavy, short, and sparse from over plucking. I spent countless hours on plucking, tweezing, waxing, and buying expensive eyebrow pencils and powders. On their best day they may have had an acceptable arch. After my procedure I looked in the mirror and almost cried I was so happy! I always knew, but never really realized how important eyebrows are to our facial expressions and overall expression of our personalities. My confidence has increased, and my time spent doing my makeup has decreased. I also realized that this procedure can be beneficial for anyone looking for a just a bit more definition or color. No matter who you are, you can trust that Margie Grimm will give an honest opinion of what options are available to you.


Permanent Makeup tattoo - quote


Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.You deserve it for all you do for others.I can never thank you enough for what you are doing for me.

Yours Truly,



I really thank you for all the information you have given me on this procedure, I am more than confidant that you will take great care of my eyebrows. I am really excited about this,  I can’t tell you how relieved I already feel that I won’t have the burden of drawing on my eyebrows everyday.  I am a single mom and I never get to do something for myself and this is something I really want.I am really looking forward to this.  Have a great day and I will see you on the 18th.



An update on my eyeliner procedure.

I blush to say it--my liner is fabulous.  Hardly any pigment loss, and the shape is gorgeous.I had my eye exam today and the Doctor asks “who did your eyeliner?”  I started to laugh and he says he sees a lot of work and mine was the best he’d ever seen! There you go!  Thank you Dr. Ishikawa.  I’ve stopped wearing mascara because I don’t need it -- and I think the liner looks so good by itself I don’t want anything to get in the way of it.


Dear Margie,

Thank you for making me feel so welcome to your shop, it was wonderful energy. I’m very happy with my new eyebrows.

Here’s hoping you have a great holiday season and again, thank you for your kindness.

Love, R

It was so nice meeting you and having you work on my sisters and I.You are so talented. Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on all of us.

Have a Merry Christmas and see you in 2003.

Love, S.V.


It is such a treasure to find an elite, talented, gifted and professional permanent makeup technician as yourself.  Marjorie there is a small circle at the top, and you are in it.  It wil be my pleasure to recommend you to the top professionals I am associated with.


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