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Marjorie offers the following technical services to the general public:

Permanent Cosmetic Procedures:



A “powdered fill” approach that resembles the appearance such as most women are accustomed to seeing when they apply eyebrow pencil.





For those with existing hair in the brows, hairline strokes may be incorporated into the bulb (frontal) area.


Eyeliner Procedures

Eyelash Enhancement, is a darkening of the natural upper eyelash line.


Top lash eyeliners, which are placed on the upper lid directly above the eyelash line. Sizes range from small to wider widths with tapered tips. Eyeliners always include an eyelash enhancement.

Lower Eyeliners are placed adjacent to the lower eyelash line.  They range from a very small to medium width.





Lip Procedures

To be a good candidate for permanent cosmetics the following is required

Note: It is recommended that you do not schedule a permanent cosmetic procedure within two weeks of an important social event or vacation/travel.


California Bay Area Permanent Makeup

Permanent cosmetics/permanent makeup San Jose, CA, Santa Clara, CA, Sunnyvale, CA, Mountain View CA, Milpitas, CA San Mateo, CA Hayward, CA Gilroy CA, Morgan Hill, CA San Francisco CA, San Bruno, CA Hillsbrough CA, Mill Valley, CA, Redwood City, CA, Fremont, CA, Marin, CA, and all surrounding Northern Bay Area cities