Pricing and Services Policy

I often receive calls from people who ask “What do permanent cosmetics cost?” 

The fees for permanent cosmetics at Faces By Design may not be identical to but are closely supported by the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) industry studies.  I am providing the link below for your convenience.  The average pricing reported in the study conducted in 2012 is reflected in question number 32

I provide this information for people who are considering permanent cosmetics but see a wide variance between quotes while inquiring about services. 

Allow me to educate you.  In the state of California, safe body art is dictated by Assembly Bill 300.  This bill was passed and signed into law January 2012 and fully enforced as of July 2012. 

I encourage you to read the bill as it will provide you with information regarding the requirements for a body art practitioner (includes permanent cosmetics) and facility owner to operate legally in California.

There are pages and pages of requirements in such detail as hand washing, infection control documents and training, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) annual training requirements, Health Department annual inspections, annual renewal of permits (facility and technician) requirements, business license requirements, devices (machines and hand devices) that are acceptable, and those that are not, and more. 

No one who offers body art services in the state of California is exempt from these requirements. See Assembly Bill No. 300

Seattle Washington Department of Licensing requires an annual license which is predicated on participation in an OSHA class.  Practitioners should have their license posted in their studios. 

Other provisions are provided in WAC Title 308, Chapter 308-22 

I bring this to your attention because it is important for you to recognize the cost of doing business legally in the body art industry (which includes permanent cosmetics), is significant, notwithstanding the cost of continuing education, rent, utilities and premium supplies. 

My anesthetics are specifically formulated for the services they are used for.  Again, I purchase quality anesthetic products directly from the US manufacturers who formulate these products. I do not use prescription level anesthetics because I am not a medical professional under the direction of a physician.  The use of a prescription level anesthetic by someone who is not a medical professional can be dangerous and it is against the law. 

The needles and machine accessories used are sterile, single-use and purchased from companies in the US that provide high grade products. 

The machines I use are engineered to prevent cross contamination in their operational design.  The needles I use are sterile, and are provided to you for viewing before they are removed from their packages.  The sterilization date and the expiration date are stamped on the package.  I maintain a log of the needles that are used on a document (in California this is required by AB 300) that is cross referenced over to the purchase invoice for Health Department inspection purposes. 

I use only nitrile gloves as some people have allergies to the less expensive latex gloves. 

I use a sterile single-use water product for procedures and provide sterile water with aftercare products for optimum healing results. 

I am a color theory specialist.  I teach permanent cosmetic color theory to others in the industry.  The color seen in the bottle of pigment is not exactly what you get when that pigment is tattooed into the skin.  The final color result is a product of the pigment color and the skin undertone of the client. 

Before and after each client all work surfaces are disinfected according to the products directions with an EPA registered disinfectant appropriate for cosmetic tattooing. 

All of the work posted to my website and all of the photographic examples shown in my studio are my work. 

I have successfully passed every inspection of my studio with the Department of Environmental Health. 

Prior to the actual cosmetic tattooing process, you are asked to complete a “Client History Form” to determine if you are a good candidate.  If any concerns in your health profile are noted, you are asked to consult with your physician. 

Care is taken that the design work and color chosen meets with your approval.  This takes time.  Appointments are scheduled to include all the safeguards necessary to include your input and to allow appropriate timing to ensure you are comfortable with each step in the process.  We are a team working toward your objectives. 

My prices include a follow-up appointment to determine if any additional work is needed after the initial procedure has healed.  I guarantee my work. 

I have over 20 years experience in cosmetic tattooing. Permanent cosmetics are the only service I offer.  My services do not include other beauty related services; my studio is completely dedicated to permanent cosmetics. 

I have passed the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional (CPCP) examination and meet the criteria for maintaining those credentials with continuing education units (CEU) and proof of OSHA class participation. 

I authored the textbook Permanent Cosmetics, The Foundation of Fundamental Applications, which is offered to trainers for their students and to technicians to further their education. 

I do not do “home parties.”  I do not work on more than one client at a time (yes, I’ve been told that has been the experience of some people.) I do not perform risky procedures.  I do not perform permanent cosmetic procedures in an environment that may be contraindicative to the process.  I do not discount the value of permanent cosmetic services as an enticement to gain your patronage for other service I offer; that would be impossible; I don’t offer any other services. 

Please take the time to review the links I have provided so that you can better understand the importance of choosing a permanent cosmetic technician based on credentials; compliance with the law and work within the industry.  You should be asking, “are you compliant with the law?” as your first question, not how much do you charge?  The cost of permanent cosmetics often is based on training, experience, and overhead cost. 

I understand that in the near future in California many Environmental Health Departments will be providing a website that lists the practitioners who are compliant with AB 300 and local ordinances, but at this time you can ask the practitioner you are speaking with, or call the local Environmental Health Department for confirmation. If you are in the studio of one of the people you are considering for services, current permits (in California) or a  license (in Washington) are required to be posted for viewing. 

The next step is to verify that the technician has samples of his or her permanent cosmetic procedures that have been performed on others.  Do you agree with the artistic approach?  Ask them if the samples of permanent cosmetics show are their own work. 

Although the current laws in California and Washington do not at this time dictate provisions of artistic training, and the current focus is on health and safety, the demand is there and I believe at some time in the future formal artistic training will be addressed.  In the meantime, people desiring permanent cosmetic services must really take a realistic look at what they expect in return for the fees charged.  If you have chosen a technician based on price alone, it would stand to reason that you are willing to be satisfied, regardless of the results.

As I indicated earlier my fees are based on averages charged by professionals in this industry who have met the high standards only achieved with proper training and who are compliant with the law. 

I have considered a policy that many of my associates have adopted; a medical referral or a referral from someone who has received permanent cosmetics from me.   Why have they adopted this type of policy for new clients?   With decades of experience and thousands of dollars investment in education, compliance with legal requirements and safe products,  they found themselves defending themselves against unrealistic prices from people who do not have similar credentials or proven results; those who may or may not be compliant with the laws of the state where they offer services. 

At this time I prefer to try to educate.  However, as of March 1, 2013, I will no longer accept new clients who are dissatisfied with permanent cosmetics they have received from other sources.  For years I have attempted to undo/repair procedures that were intended to be permanent.  My heart has gone out to people who made decisions based on marketing promotions or prices alone that resulted in poorly conducted procedures.   I have a busy schedule and I have decided not to include modification or repair work in my service menu.

If people are not satisfied with the work performed, they should return to the technician who performed the work and insist that person fix whatever it is that doesn’t meet the standards expected.  Otherwise this unacceptable behavior just continues on to the next unsuspecting person. The field of permanent cosmetics is a professional career for those of us who have training and experience; not a hobby. 

I do accept new clients who have quality permanent cosmetics performed by other technicians; those who need retouching or additional services, but either they have moved out of the area where their technician offers services, or find their prior technician has moved or is no longer offering permanent cosmetics.   You are welcome at Faces By Design. 

Given all that I have provided, I hope you understand that I cannot and will not compete with people who do not operate under the same standards as I do. 

If performed artistically and safely, and you are involved with the process from beginning to end (color selection, artistic template shown, aftercare products provided and adhered to) permanent cosmetic services are undoubtedly the most gratifying beauty related service available.  There is none that can compare to the instant gratification of feeling liberated from traditional makeup routines and looking your best at all times. 

The information in this policy is provided for the purpose of educating and helping anyone considering permanent cosmetics to make good decisions.  There are good, well educated and legally compliant technicians who can enrich your life; you just have to ask the right questions and choose the right one; not unlike the process of choosing other professionals to whom you entrust your appearance or health related services.

You are welcome to call and discuss your permanent cosmetic preferences with me.  I offer complementary consultations as well.  I look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have.

Marjorie Grimm 

California Bay Area Permanent Makeup

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