How Will I Look with Permanent Cosmetics?

How a person looks to others is always subjective.  Many men tend not to notice permanent cosmetic procedures that have been performed on women unless they have been previously advised of the event, except for lip procedures.  For some unknown reason lip procedures draw their attention whereas eyeliners and eyebrow procedures many times do not. Women tend to be more in tune to changes in the appearance of other women.

If an appointment schedule dictated a return to work the same or next day, feedback from my clients indicate their female coworkers seem to notice that “something” had changed but depending on the procedure, or the number of procedures performed, many times the exact source of the change was not easily guessed. 

How you feel you look is very dependent upon whether you normally wore makeup before your permanent cosmetic procedure.  If you typically wore makeup, you may not see much of a difference between how you looked with makeup on and how you look immediately after a permanent cosmetic procedure with the exception of localized skin irritation and some degree of puffiness or swelling depending on the procedure performed.

On the other hand, if you ordinarily do not wear any makeup, your new look may take a few days to become accustomed to because it represents a different appearance for your memory to record and adjust to.

The color of your skin, the color of the pigment used for the procedure, and whether you tend to swell from small injuries all play a role in the immediately after a procedure appearance.  For instance, if a person of color has an eyebrow or eyeliner procedure, one may not even notice the difference between how they looked with topical makeup and how they look immediately afterwards.  A person with more fair skin may see a greater difference in the topical eyebrow pencil/eyeliner look vs. permanent cosmetic eyebrows/eyeliner for a few days because of the contrast of the pigment with the lighter skin tone and lighter skin shows skin irritation more than skin of color.

Permanent Eyebrow procedures cause very little, if any swelling so the primary focus is on the color.  At your appointment care will be taken to provide you with a selection of pigment colors that will compliment your skin tone.  

This is really the intent, to provide you with a color that so beautifully compliments your skin tone that the eyebrows appear natural.

Working conservatively also enables you to become accustomed to your new eyebrow color. If you decide you want your eyebrows a darker color this can always be achieved at the follow-up visit in 30-45 days after the initial procedure was performed.

Permanent Eyeliner procedures produce some puffiness; however eyelash enhancement procedures and small to medium upper and lower eyeliners produce a look similar to that of someone with allergies or who has been crying.

The wider the top eyeliner design applied the more swelling one may expect, however even the most extreme design work only results in puffiness that affects the normal appearance of your eye tissue for a couple of days at the most.

Permanent Lip Liners and Lip ShapersTM produce slight swelling and you will look as if you have freshly applied lipstick or lip liner. 

Permanent Full Lip procedures can produce swelling that is noticeable to others.  This also resolves in about two days.  Some clients say they really like the “bee stung” look as it makes their lips appear as if they have lip filler injections, but unfortunately this is only temporary.

Immediately after the  eyebrow procedure

Immediately after the  eyebrow procedure

Immediately after the top and bottom eyeliner procedure

Immediately After 
Lower Eyeliner procedure

Immediately after the lip shaper TM procedure

Immediately after the full lip color procedure

Immediately after the top eyeliner procedure

Before Immediately After Healed 
Medium Width Top Eyeliner
Before Immediately After Healed 
Eyebrows - Top and Bottom Eyeliner
Before Immediately After Healed 
Eyebrow - Full Lip Procedure
Dramatic Top Eyeliner - Bottom Eyeliner
Before Immediately After Healed 
* Note: This client above had her eyebrows and a dramatic top eyeliner and bottom eyeliner applied one day and returned the next day for a full lip procedure.
Eyebrow- Eyelash Enhancement
Bottom Eyeliner - Full Lip Procedure 
Before Immediately After Healed 
Lip Shaper
Before Immediately After Healed 
Full Lip Procedure
Before Immediately After Healed 

Permanent cosmetic procedures rarely produce any bruising of the skin tissue, however if there is going to be an opportunity for slight bruising, it will normally happen on the wider more dramatic top eyeliners designs.  The skin is quite thin in this area and more subject to bruising.  The good news is that this bruising is so subtle it appears like eye shadow over the liner that has just been applied.

Below are some examples of before, immediately after and healed procedures.  Again, these are not absolutes.  So much of the immediately after appearance of your procedure depends on your unique skin tone, skin condition, and the color of pigment/design that you select to be applied.  Overall most clients convey to me that the experience was far less inconvenient than they imagined. 

The “fresh,” look associated with newly applied permanent cosmetics is very temporary and many clients have indicated this look is hardly worth losing income or precious vacation days over in order to avoid a few comments from coworkers; however it is recommended that you return home immediately after the procedure(s.)

If you feel that family members may feel left out of the process, inform them of your intentions to have permanent cosmetics applied ahead of time.  Let them know that for the first few days when the skin is calming, swelling is subsiding (if any occurs) and exfoliation begins, that your skin is healing and the overall appearance will soften significantly within days after the procedure was applied. 

Usually those people closely associated with a person who goes forward with any type of appearance improvement procedure are excited and curious about learning more about the process, rarely are they critical.

In these times of the “afternoon facelift,” and the constant media attention to appearance enhancing procedures, I believe most families and coworkers are somewhat accustomed to seeing women who have changed their hair color, had facial treatments, are healing from minor or major cosmetic surgery, and those who have had permanent cosmetic procedures recently applied.   None of these occurrences are uncommon.

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