Permanent Eyeliner and Eyelash Enhancement

The eyes as stated so often are the mirror to the soul.

Dressing up the eye area with permanent cosmetics is accomplished in so many ways that my examples had to be limited to just a few. There are some basics that you begin with.  Eyeliner enhancement for instance is a very popular method in which the lash line is darkened to produce a lush, full lash line affect.  This can be applied to either or both the upper and lower lash line areas.  This, as you will see, is the most natural appearing of the different methods. 

Upper eyeliner, which is the darkening of the eyelid area above the upper lash line (This is always accompanied by an enhancement as well), can be applied in a variety of designs to emphasize the natural contour of the client’s eye formation.  Notwithstanding a multitude of design options to enhance the area surrounding the eye, proper pigment color selection will also intensify the client’s eye color.

Eyeliners, in properly selected design and color, can take the “tired and lifeless” out of the appearance of your eye area.  Sports activities, hobbies that were avoided due to the fear of topical makeup coming off, and just simply looking your best at all times are yours for the taking.

Please visit my on-line portfolio for more permanent cosmetic photo examples.

California Bay Area Permanent Makeup

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