Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Process

I receive many calls from those who want to know the specifics about the eyebrow tattooing process.

So that those interested can read about it in the comfort of home, I will address each step that is taken. 

  • Clients are requested to wear in their eyebrow design as they normally apply it.

    This gives me a visual example of what my client considers a “good” eyebrow design or as a minimum what they are accustomed to seeing when they apply the eyebrow with topical makeup.

    Many women make it clear that they feel challenged in this area and that they don’t necessarily want the design they have been drawing on. Nonetheless, the eye has a memory and it still is a great advantage to both the client and me if we initially take a look at how the mirror image of her eyebrow design appears.
  • Clients are requested to bring in their topical eyebrow makeup they use to apply their eyebrows. Again, although this may or may not ultimately be the best choice for color selected to go in the skin, it gives me an idea of what has been used as color for topical applications. A photograph is taken.
  • Once a photograph of the eyebrows as drawn by my client with the topical makeup used routinely has been taken the client is requested to wash her face with a mild soap.
  • A photograph is taken that represents the “before the procedure” picture.
  • Topical anesthetic is applied to the eyebrow area.
  • If the client has not previously filled out the required Client History and Informed Consent forms, while the anesthetic is working, the forms are completed.
  • Color selection is very important and the client’s topical makeup color is taken into consideration unless, we both agree another color would be more suitable.Skin tone and the color of any existing eyebrow hair are both important factors to consider when choosing color that will be placed in the skin.
  • Once the forms are completed and reviewed together and color has been agreed to, the anesthetic is removed and the eyebrow design process begins.
  • Although typically as a makeup artist, I apply the eyebrow design as expected, there are a few that feel more comfortable if they are allowed to design their own. Either way, whether my client draws on the design, or I do, both of us ultimately provide input to the other and must agree on the finished design work. This is a team effort that in the end we both must be pleased with.
  • Once the design is in place, I ask my client to close her eyes gently and relax her face to reduce the effects of facial expression and take a digital photograph of the eyebrows.If there is any question regarding placement or symmetry, the picture is then placed on a computer and photo software alignment guides are utilized to ensure that the design work on both brows is complimentary to one another. Although perfection is always the goal, both sides of the face are different.My client and I discuss the differences (if any) in the brow design, make any adjustments that may enhance the design work, and ultimately agree on the final appearance that is to be used as the template.
  • I then request that my client lie down on the procedure bed and meticulously, utilizing a fine tipped medical marker, lightly dot around the approved eyebrow design.
  • The topical makeup used to design the eyebrow earlier is then carefully removed.
  • A new unopened sterilized needle, in the manufacturer’s packaging, is opened in front of my client immediately prior to being used for the procedure.
  • Once the eyebrow design is applied, my client is requested to sit up and we critique the work from that position.Any further adjustments are made at this time.
  • The client is requested to wash her face. 
  • A photograph that represents the “immediately after” procedure is taken.
  • An aftercare ointment is applied.
  • Aftercare instructions are reviewed together and aftercare products are provided with a take home copy of the instructions, which includes an outline of the day by day healing agenda.
  • A follow up appointment is made, scheduled for 30-60 days, depending on the age and health profile of the client.

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