Permanent Cosmetic Corrections

Correction work involved with any beauty, medical, or tattooing industry is a sensitive subject.

In states where regulations do not include a requirement of proof of training before permits and/or business licenses are issued there are, at times, associated problems. 

Many of these problems result because the perspective client did not conduct enough technician research before choosing who would perform their permanent cosmetic services.  Many people have other services performed by people who also offer permanent cosmetics.  The bond between the client and the service provider for other services may lead an unsuspecting person into a safe feeling which ultimately may prove to be a mistake. Don’t misunderstand me, there are many competent permanent cosmetic technicians who also offer other beauty, medical, and body art services.  I’m proud to say I have trained many of the people I’m referring to.  My point is there are also those who would offer permanent cosmetics (whether or not they offer other services,) without comprehensive training.  This can, and has, resulted in the need for another technician to conduct corrective procedures.

You may know someone who, in your eyes, does not have permanent makeup applied as well as could be expected.  The performing technician may not entirely be at fault in some instances.  One never knows what has transpired between a client and her/his permanent cosmetic service provider. 

I’ve had people who have pursued correction work with me who have openly stated they had made a mistake by asking for trendy design work or insisted on a color that was not in their best interest in the first place. After living with their choices, ultimately, they were embarrassed to return to the original technician for change.  It is my policy to turn down the prospect of applying trendy or unattractive (in my professional opinion) design work and color, but others may feel “the client is always right” and not question their decisions. 

To attain optimum results, clients should listen to their skilled technician and the technician should listen to their clients.  It is a blending of preferences with professional guidance that typically yields beautiful work.

With that said, I would be remiss not to address the subject of correction work to some extent.

Color Adjustments

If the design work is good, color corrections, although they may take some time, are usually successful.  The technician performing the color adjustment must know color theory thoroughly in order to bring the undesirable color into the realm of acceptable to the client.  The labor aspect of this is dependent upon the intensity of the color to be changed; the lighter, the easier to adjust, and conversely, the darker or denser the undesirable color, the more challenging.  Color corrections typically cost more than new procedures (on untouched skin) because of the need to change one color to another color in the skin. This varies again, depending on the density of the color to be changed and the actual color to be altered.   Nonetheless, color corrections are typically successfully completed within 2 to 3 visits.

Below are examples of two eyebrow correction procedures.  As stated above, color corrections take time.  In these examples it took three applications (applicable to the first example) and two applications (applicable to the second example) of appropriate corrective color and design procedures to achieve the desired results. 

Catherine Veloza Before Eyebrow Color and Design Correction  Left Brow Catherine Veloza AfterThree  Eyebrow Color and Design Correction Healed Left Brow
Brow Color to be Corrected      Healed Brow
after Three Color Correction Procedures

It is imperative your technician also understands the formulations of their pigments and skin tone types and advises the client how to properly care for healed procedures to avoid undesirable color results.  It is critical that people with permanent makeup apply sun screen and avoid contact with strong chemicals such as chlorine and facial products with acids.  A good percentage of color shifts are avoidable with consistent care.  I understand that there are convincing marketers in this industry and it is sometimes easy to get caught up in the moment when you want work performed, but take the time to ensure you are working with a trained, skilled technician.  Do it right the first time.

Christine Damonte Before Eyebrow Correction over Lasered Eyebrows Left EyebrowJPG Christine Damonte One Year After Initial Eyebrow Correction Over lazered Eyebrows Left EyebrowJPG
Brow Color and Design Correction  Healed Brow after Two Color
and Design Correction Procedures

Design Adjustments

Herein lie many of the problems associated with achieving successful correction work.  If the design is bigger than desired (eyebrows as an example) depending on the intensity (dark or light) of the existing color, adjustments to design work may include the need for laser removal or over tattooing with saline in order to lighten the color before going forward with an adjusted design.

If the design (again, using eyebrows as an example,) is smaller than the desired outcome, then the adjustment becomes easier; but ease also depends on whether or not a color adjustment is also included in the process.  It is feasible to make a very thin eyebrow design thicker without having to consider removing or lightening the existing work, but it becomes more difficult if the thin eyebrow is a dark color when a lighter color is more appropriate

Below is an example of a design and color correction that was easier than others.  The eyebrow design the client did not feel comfortable with was thinner than she preferred.  As a result, I drew on a new, slightly larger design, and applied it over the thinner design without the need for removal.  The color was corrected by using a blond pigment with a more neutral base to offset the reddish existing color.

Kim Okumoto Before Eyebrows Full FaceJPG Kim Okumoto Immediately After Eyebrows Full Face2JPG Kim Okumoto After Eyebrows Healed Full  FaceJPG
Old Eyebrow Design  New Design Applied Healed New Eyebrow Design

My first question to people whom I consult with on correction work is why they are not returning to their original technician.  Many times the answer to that is obvious; they have lost confidence in their technician.  I don’t believe any technician intends to do poor work or disappoint their clients.  I believe the original intent is always to please, and sometimes a second chance might be warranted to avoid starting over and spending additional money somewhere else. 

However, I do understand how important the appearance is and how urgent one can feel about needed changes.  I’m glad to consult with people who are seeking adjustments to their permanent cosmetics.  I will give my honest opinion on how the change will be best achieved, and if another professional service such as laser work is in your best interest, this is what I will advise. 

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