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Permanent Cosmetics
Consultation & Procedures

At your permanent cosmetics consultation, Marjorie will evaluate your facial features, skin tone, and eye color and make suggestions for design placement and pigment color. These suggestions will be based your preferences and her experience with makeup artistry and color theory in relation to pigments used for the specific procedure you are considering.

You will be asked about your expectations and goals for permanent cosmetic procedures. If during your consultation you decide to schedule an appointment for a procedure, Client History, Informed Consent, and Pre/Post Procedure Instruction forms will be provided. It will be requested these forms be completed at the consultation appointment.One of the most important elements of the permanent cosmetic procedure is qualifying a client to be a good candidate for permanent cosmetics.

The consultation appointment is the ideal time for both you and Marjorie to ask and answer questions about your health and review the Pre/Post Procedure Instructions so you can be prepared for the procedure requirements and the aftercare required during the healing period. Pigment colors will also be provided for you to select from and a Client Chart form initiated to document the information in preparation for your procedure appointment.

Individuals with medical conditions that may be of concern during and after procedures, such as uncontrolled high blood pressure, blood-clotting problems, auto-immune conditions, or the tendency to form scaring, or fever blisters (for lip procedures,) or anyone required to take antibiotics prior to a general dental cleaning will be asked to consult with their doctor before undergoing a permanent cosmetic procedure. Those considering permanent cosmetic must also have healthy skin.

Permanent Eyebrows

Eyebrow hair loss and color changes are primarily caused by a combination of excessive tweezing, maturing, health issues, hormonal changes, and genetic succession. Eyebrows frame the eyes and provide a youthful appearance. Marjorie always strives for the creation of the delicate appearance of natural eyebrows. After your procedure even close friends and family may say “something is different, you look so rested.” “What is it that is different about your appearance?” 

Faces By Design will assist with the desired eyebrow design based on the shape of the individual’s facial features and structure. Notwithstanding the application of basic makeup artistry theory in the design process, be assured each client’s design preference ultimately sets the standard for the eyebrow that will be applied.

Permanent Makeup - Lips

Permanent Makeup - Lips

Permanent Makeup - Lips

Permanent Cosmetic Lips

Permanent Lip Color and Lip Liner

Lip color loss is primarily caused by a combination of maturing, health issues, hormonal changes, and genetic succession. The appearance of these problems can be improved using specialized permanent makeup techniques. Marjorie uses natural lip or designer color pigments that will compliment the individual’s skin and natural lip tones. Lip liner and full lip color procedures by Marjorie will give lips colorful definition. A Lip ShaperTM is the most popular lip procedure requested at Faces By Design and was introduced to the industry by Marjorie as a technique to reinvent a youthful lip shape and color.

Permanent Lip Shaper Procedure

A lip shaper procedure is just as it sounds, the focus is on the designing and correction of deficiencies of elements that dictate shape and the reinstatement of low color areas due to low blood circulation.

During a lip shaper procedure, the lip’s vermilion is artfully reinstated to a crisp youthful appearance.  Blanched areas within the lip that are low in color due to poor blood circulation or scarring are filled with a natural lip color to match that of your own. The end result is a fuller appearing, crisp, esthetically pleasing natural lip appearance.

The lip shaper procedure is a favorite of my clients desiring a “Born with beautiful lips” appearance.

Reconstructive Procedures

Recreating a traumatized feature such as an eyebrow or lip line can help normalize your life. Clients with conditions such as cleft lip, scarring, and hair loss due to medical conditions can benefit greatly from artistic Reconstructive Procedures with Permanent Makeup.

Understanding the Permanent Cosmetic Process

The Procedure

After the consultation, if you have decided to go forward, the next step is scheduling the appointment for the implantation procedure.

Marjorie attends an annual Occupational Health and Administration (OSHA) class so your safety is always the first and foremost consideration during every phase of a procedure. Prior to the beginning of a procedure, a manufacturer’s sealed sterile needle is opened in your presence.

Each procedure begins with the cleansing of the skin and the application of a over the counter (OTC) topical anesthetic formulated for unbroken skin. The initial implantation process begins with a light application of pigment.

Once the initial pass is made, a secondary over the counter (OTC) topical anesthetic formulated for broken skin is applied and the implantation procedure is completed.

After the Procedure

Your technician will clean and lubricate the treated areas with an ointment. You may feel some discomfort for a few hours.

All procedures will initially appear darker than they will in a few days due to many factors (See “the Process”). The color will gradually lighten within a few days. Upper and lower eyeliners will initially appear somewhat thicker and darker than they will after the area has healed.

You will be instructed to follow the post procedure instructions we provide. Your technician will instruct you to keep your head elevated while resting, and to use cold compresses to reduce any swelling.  Any minimal swelling that may occur normally reaches it’s peak during the first two days. During the exfoliating phase, the treated areas may feel itchy and dry. Once the treated areas have begun to exfoliate and healing is well under way, you’ll begin to realize the benefits of you new Permanent Makeup.

Getting Back to Normal

You should be able to resume your normal routine after the procedure with some care given to your procedure. Individuals that undergo eyeliner procedures will want to postpone wearing contact lenses for a minimum of one day. Lip Procedures will require that you drink fluids through a straw for a few days. You may be sensitive to sunlight, wind, and other environmental irritants for several days. Sunglasses should be worn to protect eyeliner and eyebrow procedures and sunscreen applied as directed in the post procedure instructions.

Enjoy your new “Beauty without BotherTM” lifestyle.

Corrective Permanent Cosmetic Procedures

Corrective procedures are not a common request, however there are some that pursued permanent cosmetics that may desire changes to the existing procedures.Due to modern developments in color corrective pigments and salt water solutions that lighten or possibly remove small areas of pigment, these minor corrective changes can produce major positive changes.

Although it is always recommended that these corrective measures be addressed with the client’s technician that initially applied the procedure, if that is not desirable or possible, we will give you an honest evaluation of what changes can be easily made.The change of a color hue is normally not a difficult change.The ability to alter a design is more difficult, however keep in mind, small changes make a big difference.

If you have existing permanent cosmetics that you feel you would be more satisfied with if changes were made, call for a consultation.We’ll be glad to assist if we can meet your expectations.

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