Marjorie's Personal Aging process










If there is one thing and one thing only that we all have in common, it’s that we will age. Hands down, no question,
it does happen, like it or not, everyone gets their turn.

My own personal journey into the aging process has been interesting. When I was in my twenties I felt invincible. I had a heart shaped face, straight teeth, and I inherited my Mother’s small nose. Life was good. I didn’t make impressive choices in a lot of arenas but I looked pretty good while I was trying to get myself out of the messes I created along the way. As they say, “It’s not how you feel darling, it’s how you look.”

In my twenties, although I felt like I needed makeup, the truth of the matter was (looking back) youth has a certain freshness that enables younger women to look good even with minimal makeup.  Nonetheless, I always wore eyeliner and lipstick even if I was going to the store for dog food; if for no other reason, just because that’s what we did in the 60’s. I wouldn’t be seen without it.

In my thirties, I still felt reasonably confident. I did wear more makeup to get there, no doubt, but Este Lauder and false eyelashes made up for any indiscretions. I have no clue how I found the time or the energy to apply the wide eyeliner and false eyelashes every morning. I seem to remember getting up at least a couple of hours before I had to head out the door in order to get it all together.  Swimming was out, camping gave me a feeling of wariness, I hated hot weather, and I didn’t want to be the only person at the gym who didn’t look great without makeup so I didn’t go.  I missed out on a lot it seems.

In my forties, I started seeing the effects of aging a bit more. My face filled out and oh my goodness, where did that nose come from? It’s like it took on a life of its own. I was forced to wear eye glasses for reading but usually just had them hanging around my neck in case of an emergency.   Creative hair coloring definitely now had a place in my life and I started losing eyebrow hair.  What next?  I needed not only eyeliner and lipstick but now eyebrow pencil to worry about as well?  I was sick of gluing on eyelashes that didn’t stay on throughout the day and gave them up. This was the time when I was fortunate enough to have my hairdresser casually talk about getting her eyeliner tattooed. I was exhausted trying to keep up with my physical changes with makeup. This was definitely a beauty service I had every intention of following up on.

Thanks to the ease and consistency of permanent cosmetics, my fifties were less stressful in the arena of my physical appearance.   I couldn’t stop time, but I could slow it down and give myself more time to enjoy life with the basics of tattooed eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip color. Permanent cosmetics represented a life change for me. I must admit to a bit of cosmetic surgery assistance as well. I had full face laser with the CO2 laser (that was rough but we didn’t have the lighter treatments and less down time then) and an eye and neck lift. No reason not to take advantage of technology. My hair also took a spurt (as it turned out, the last spurt) of growth at this time and I was able to go back to my natural curly hair style. I think it might have just been hormonal or maybe the GNC Hair Skin and Nails vitamins I was taking faithfully, but alas, it would not last forever. At this point in my life, I was not only a benefactor of permanent cosmetics but also I was fortunate enough to enjoy a flourishing business helping others feel more confident about themselves with the services I offered.          

I’m in my sixties now and getting along with father time reasonably well. I’ve been blessed with a reasonable metabolism, good skin, and thank goodness, good health. A good sense of humor doesn’t hurt a bit either. But still, regardless of the date on my birth certificate, at times I feel like a very young person in a more mature woman’s body. My hair apparently had its last hurrah in my fifties, and I now have to style around much less hair. I have a great hair stylist in Washington, Cathy Gates at the salon where I work,
Salon D’Vine (206-914-3024)
who gives an absolutely great haircut that makes me look like I have a lot more hair than I really do. I’ve consulted with several Dermatologists about thinning hair, and, it’s apparently one of the things that the medical industry can’t resolve for post menopausal women at least without pursing hair transplant surgery. If I didn’t have a talented hair stylist and permanent cosmetics; I know this would be a rougher time for me.  When I wake up I look in the mirror I feel just fine about my appearance.  My topical makeup is very limited to blush and mascara and sometimes some eye shadow. Less is better in my opinion.

I enjoy my work and the diversity of age, personalities, and the varied ethnic backgrounds of my clients. I am fortunate enough to feel very comfortable with all age groups of clients. I understand their needs, their challenges, and have been told I give solid age appropriate appearance advice. In this industry, being more mature and realizing what services/pigment colors/design work best for clients in a variety of age groups is very valuable. Given my experience since 1993, I now have the benefit of physician and other beauty professional’s referrals, and a good eye for beauty enhancements. I’ve earned each one of those referrals by treating their patients and clients with respect and meeting their objectives.

I suppose regardless of all the fun-filled days and memories of my youth, I really wouldn’t trade it for where I am today.  I have a great family, a good business, loyal clients, and with the exception of needing a little more hair, I’m good to go.

I ultimately broadened my business base to training others to perform permanent cosmetics.  I’ve had the pleasure of initially training some of the best technicians in the business.  Permanent cosmetics (also known as permanent makeup and micropigmentation) is a service I believe in and if it’s done right, there’s not another beauty service out there to compare to it. 

Thanks for taking a walk down memory lane with me. I share this information and pictures with you to give you some insight as to how I personally took advantage of different beauty services including permanent cosmetics to help me along the way. I believe in what I do and see the difference it makes for me and my clients every day.

Enjoy your life; you only get to do it once.


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